Saturday, January 26, 2008

inside winter.

All of the seasons have something beautiful about them, and winter is certainly no exception. Oregon is one of the most beautiful places I have lived during the winter, not because of snow, but because everything stays so green. Western Oregon also has a very mild winter climate, yet it still requires that one spends more time inside. Here's the result of spending a lot of time inside, taking pictures of ourselves making faces. I should also mention that surrounding this picture is a series of shots with Leah bobbing her head back and forth, so that if they were put in a flip book then it would show the motion. I thought she had a great idea.


Anonymous said...

Ah, to be in a green state again! Glad to see you posting!

Margi Marie said...

Brian!!! Winter is for lovers, as this photo explains so well. I think you two are amazing.
Family photo shoot outing soon?

cherice said...

you should post the whole series so we can see the head-bob action! =)