Saturday, February 2, 2008

For the majority of my life babies have been a source of slight fear. I really love them, but don't exactly know what to do with them. This fear, plus a few negative crying experiences, have led me to my current state. However, Jonah is a baby that is helping rid me of this unnecessary fear. I have been grateful to get to watch him grow up and spend some time with him from time to time. He is such an animated baby, as these pictures hopefully show. He is also such a happy baby, his smile taking up his whole face. I can see why though, his parents do such a great job of loving him.


cherice said...

amazing shots of his eyes! don't fear babies, espen loves you. =)

Traci said...

These photos made me chuckle out loud, Bryan! Your work brings me so much delight. Thank you.
(I especially adore the 3rd one down, with the drool on his chin).
By the way, I was watching you with Jonah the other day and thinking what a great dad you're going to be.

youngfamily said...

It makes me very happy to know that Jonah will grow up knowing a man like you. You have an amazing way of making the people around you feel very special and loved. The amount of kindness and patience that you have will make you an incredible father. I know that it has already made you an incredible friend and husband to someone who is very near to my heart. Thank you for being you.