Saturday, January 12, 2008

One thing I have certainly learned about myself is my tendency to try to get all my work done before doing the things I love. My blog is certainly a testimony to this, and thus does not get updated very often. However, this is something that I am certainly working on, because all work and no play, is not that much fun, and there are so many wonderful things in this life.
Here finally are the pictures from the last day of Joel and my adventure. We spent the morning in Princeton and then left to spend a few hours roaming the streets of Philadelphia prior to my flight. I am amazed at the history on the East Coast, we certainly have nothing like that on the West Coast, we are still too young. The only thing that I actually know the name of that we saw was the liberty bell. Philadelphia seemed like a neat city though. After a few hours I said goodbye to Joel and left for home. I will certainly miss Joel this spring, and look forward to his return to Oregon during the summer. Thanks for the adventure Joel, and I'll look forward to more in the summer.

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Anonymous said...

Good times indeed! Keep up the fun stuff alongside the work, as well as the amazing photography!