Saturday, January 5, 2008

daytwo. Moab to Grand Junction.

Okay, unfortunately I got a bit behind on my posting, so I am going to attempt to catch up now. Here are the pictures from Moab. It was so beautiful there, Joel and I were left in awe. We woke up at 6:00 and headed for Mesa Arch to be there for sunrise. We barely made it in time, racing the sunrise the whole way. We got all setup and shot for about 30 minutes before the cold forced us to pack up our gear and run back to the car. We spent the rest of the day driving around Canyonlands and making the slow trek to Grand Junction watching for photo ops the whole way. Joel spotted a frozen waterfall in a canyon which we hiked to, only to find two professional photographers had already staked out the spot. They eyed us as we neared, so we decided to hike past them, discovering another frozen waterfall higher up.

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Anonymous said...

Those are classic shots of Mr. Bock ;). Love the morning hair! Beautiful landscapes, Bryan!