Saturday, July 5, 2008

Luke and Drea Fletcher Part 2

Here are some more pictures of Luke and Drea. As usual, I'm having a harder time narrowing it down than I'm going to do a Part 3 either tonight or tomorrow with the handsome groomsmen, adorable ring bearer and flower girl, and the promised family pictures.

We first met Luke and Drea at a meeting when they were considering booking Bryan for their wedding. I think it was sometime last summer. We really hit it off when we took their engagement photos, and ended up becoming great friends! Luke makes some killer chicken curry, and we've spent some nights eating, studying, or just chatting. This wedding was a double blessing for us to be a part of because we felt so connected to them as friends.
Here they are praying during their ceremony

a sweet mommy moment


Ok, so I'll post some more later and then you'll just have to wait until the finished product!
With Love,

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