Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Traci said...

What beautiful photos! I must say, though, that it looks like you ALL had entirely too much fun. I'm wondering about expanding the idea... say, for senior pics, you could have "trash the cap and gown"...

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I love the shot of her in the water from behind. I am on a mission to convince all brides that a TTD session is the best way to go ;). Stunning!

Bryan Rupp said...

Heather, I know...she's really getting her moneys worth out of that thing right? and the truth is that her dress is still repairable enough to keep for memory's sake. Do you still have your wedding dress? If so, its never too late :).

Mom, you're right we really did have too much fun. If Little J is up for trash the cap and gown then I think the fountain in Boise is the place to do it. I think we have a .0001% chance of talking him into that :)

Anonymous said...


Did you go to Fox? I was there 2002-2005...cheerleader/student council/women's ministries? name was Amber Wentworth. :)

I do photography as a hobby on the side, and I have to say how inspiring and creative your work it. What a pleasure to see!

Would you ever consider doing a trash the dress with my hubby and I? My own wedding photos were so horrendous, and my heart has been broken over it for a couple of years now.... :(


Amber Halpin

Bryan Rupp said...

Thanks for your comment. We're so glad you are enjoying the photos. We would love to do a trash the dress session for you and your hubby. They are our new favorite thing! That would be a great way to redeem your wedding photo tragedy.
Yes, we both go to George Fox (husband and wife) and should have graduated a while back, know, taking the slow way through :). We are excited to check out your website and blog. Email us at and we can talk details. Can't wait!
Bryan and Leah Rupp