Friday, February 15, 2008

Inspired by my trip to Mt. Hood last weekend, and a day off from work, I drove to Timberline today. The whole drive Mt. Hood served as a beautiful backdrop, completely white and contrasted against the rare blue sky of an Oregon winter. These pictures are what I saw on my hike. Both the peak and the valley behind me were extremely beautiful. I was reminded that when hiking in the snow it is always worth taking the time to put on snow pants, as I climbed into my car in wet jeans. It was a beautiful day, and I was so thankful for some time to get away and think and get out and breathe some alpine air.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Bryan! Again, I'm completely jealous of your chance to be at Hood, but I'm glad to vicariously live that chance through you and your pictures. I love all the lines from the snow-blown wind, and the b&w shots are really cool, too. I really like the first shot, as it brings together the lines, snow greens, blues, and white clouds. Very inspiring!

Leah said...

babe, these are so beautiful. i'm glad you got a nice sunny day on the mountain

Traci said...

Wow, Bryan, these are gorgeous. I've never been particularly drawn to winter photos (being an always-cold person!) but these were different. I looked at them for a long time, and was comforted by them. The middle one especially drew my thoughts to God. It reminded me how the peace God gives shows up most beautifully in contrast with the starkness of the "winter" times in my life.
Thank you, Bryan. Your giftedness was indeed a gift to me today.