Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jake and Michelle - In Sickness and in Health (Sneak Peak)

Jake and Michelle were married last Saturday in Arlington, Washington. Their wedding was especially beautiful because of all the obstacles they had to overcome (not the least of which was Jake being extremely sick). They showed amazing poise and maturity by enjoying their day anyway and keeping their focus on what really mattered.

Jake was such a trooper, putting a smile on his face and posing for all of the family pictures even though on any other day he would have been bed ridden.

And Michelle shattered the stereotype of spoiled bride by being completely supportive of Jake and smiling no matter what happened. How refreshing!

We were joined on Saturday by Chris from Digital Circle Creative Group who was their videographer. He was wonderful to work with, and if anybody out there is looking for a videographer, you should check out his website. He is based out of Seattle but said that he really likes the Portland area as well.

There are so many great moments from this day, but here are just a few for starters.

This shows how happy Michelle was!

..and how great she looked in her dress...

And how beautiful she was! I would say radiant, don't you think?

The look on Jake's face when his bride was walking down the aisle!!!

They left the ceremony in style!

Well, that's all for now, but there are many more pictures of Jake and Michelle to come. Trust me, you'll want to stay tuned to see their "flower pooch". Yep ladies and gentleman, she is a flower girl and she is a dog.

On another note, we have a lot of catching up to do on here. Before the summer is over, I would like to do a final blog posting for Chase and Bridgette; Luke and Drea; Paige and Tyler; and of course Jake and Michelle.

Also...we've got some fun baby and kid pictures coming for Jonah, Taylor, Indie, and Bailey. Seriously, these little ones will make you wanna have a baby because they're so charming. Ok, maybe not. But...they are really precious kiddos.

Also, the contest that I was talking about is going to be the first annual Bryan Rupp Photography People's Choice Awards. Yes, I know that we are not anywhere close to the end of the year, but I kind of consider our photographic year to be from summer to summer...or, wedding season to wedding season.

So, we'll throw up several nominations for each category and let you vote on what you like the best. The winners will receive something...I don't know what yet, but it will be bigger than a pat on the back and smaller than a trip to Hawaii. You know, somewhere in the middle...or more towards the smaller end :).

Anyways, what do you think the categories should be and what should the winners get?
I need to get some brainstorming going.

Here are my ideas:
Best ring/bling shot
Best bouquet
Most debonair groomsmen/beautiful bridesmaids
Most creative wedding favors
Yummiest looking food
Funnest family shot
Something for ring bearers and flower girls
etc, etc.
Oh, and most adventurous engagement shot (i think the engagement sessions should get some love too).

Also thanks to everybody who has been referring their friends to us. We love to meet new people! If you have referred someone and I haven't sent you a little something in the mail yet, I could probably use a gentle reminder.

With Love,

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Michelle Wade said...

Oh my goodness you guys! I love those pictures! I almost cried when I saw the one of Jakes face as I was walking down the isle (or carriage?) I'm so so glad, I almost cried a couple times on the honeymoon because Jake was too sick for lots of pictures, but it looks like you guys still got some good ones (of course). Thanks so much you guys! I can't wait for the rest!