Tuesday, May 27, 2008

silver falls. (camping)

Two weekends ago, Leah and I found ourselves on a beautiful Saturday, with the option of doing whatever we wanted. We packed up and headed for Silver Falls State Park, to spend a night out under the stars. Of course many others shared the idea as well, so we found ourselves waiting in a long line for a camp site, and ended up having to stay in an RV spot, which we were bummed about because we were wanting to be IN the woods, but we were happy to be out in nature for a while. We hiked in to one fall, called winter falls which was very beautiful. Sunday morning I awoke early and headed out on my mountain bike. I really love mountain biking and when Leah and I lived in Boise it was the way that I would get away because trails were so close to our house. In Western Oregon the trails aren't so close, so I look forward to any opportunity I get. Leah actually pointed the mountain bike shot out to me when the butterfly landed on my muddy bike, we thought it a beautiful contrast. Leah and I really enjoyed ourselves, although we fell asleep on the couch when we got home, because we had no sleeping pads and the ground wasn't too forgiving. That's what camping is all about though.

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