Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friend Photo Shoot Contest (GFU)

We're giving away a photo shoot to a group of friends who are graduating. The shoot will be on dead day (the Monday of finals week), and will be a chance for you to document the bond that you've shared for four years.
To Enter:
Write a comment for this post, telling us

. The names of your friends (approximate maximum of five, minimum of 3, but no we
wont make one friend stand out in the cold if you have six friends). You don't all have to be seniors, as long as the main point is that some of you are graduating.

b. Why you deserve to be photographed together before you graduated. This is where you
get to be creative. You can tell the story of how you met, or tell us why you've shared a
special bond. Funny stories are welcome. Or, you can make us feel sorry for you (i.e. you're all moving far, far away and will never see each other again). Do whatever you have
to do to convince us that you should be the winner.

Note: No, you may not use our sister as a claim to fame :). Actually, go ahead and try. But this is an equal opportunity contest and will be judged by someone outside the George Fox community.

Post your entries by Wednesday (4/16), and the winner will be posted by that Friday (4/18).



Casey Kanen said...

a.) My name is Casey Kanen (yes, you know me) and the name of my five friends are Sean Betzer, Samuel Provoast, Jon Maroni, Tyler Lacoma, and Dave Hingston.

b.) I seriously believe we deserve this photo shoot more than anyone else. The six of us have all lived together for at least 3 years at Fox (some for 4) and there is rarely anything we do without each other. We have a set dinner time (6:00 pm) where most or all of us will walk over to the Bon together to eat. We are all fans of the same TV shows, which we quote to one another at least once a day. We all enjoy junk food, nerdy cartoons (Clone Wars, baby!), video games, and God. We've done archery, trap shooting, worship, hiking, camping, and the lip sync (which we just won) together. Each of us knows that the others are open and willing to pray, talk, or just be around each other. In short, we are a team; a dynamic brotherhood of God-centered individuals who love one another more than anything else at this university. Speaking of brotherhood, five of the six of us led the Beebe Brethren two years ago!

Funny Story: Freshmen year, a few of us decided it would be funny to "join" our roomate in the we slipped on bathing suits and surprised him early in the morning by trying to cram six people into a one-man shower!

jans said...

This is why I think that Hannah, Susan and I should get this photoshoot.
a) we're all really hot.
b) we're all best friends.
c) we're really photogenic and cool.
d) Hannah's your sister-in-law/sister and my former roommate, and if I hadn't kicked her out of my room you would never have gotten the pleasure of living with her.
e) considering how much each of us travel, who knows the next time we'll be in the same place to make beautiful pictures.
f) we're the best, right?

Jess said...

My name is Jessica Gardner. Yes you know me to. My friends are Ciara Talley, McKenzie Reeves, and Nancy Anderson.

The reason I think we need to be photographed together is because we have all bonded through some very tough stuff and I think having a picture together will be a reminder to each of that we are not alone in this world and that we have the support of amazing friends and an amazing God. We have gone through the losses or roommates, parents, and friends together only to come out stronger because of the amazing support of each other. We come from very different backgrounds and majors but God placed us all together for a reason and I personally thank God for these girls every day.
So yeah the reason I want a photograph with these amazing girls is so I have a picture to look at everyday that brings me hope and helps me remember the good memories of college instead of the bad ones. :)

Abe said...

In response to Casey Kanen's Post... I was the roommate that they surprised in the shower freshmen year. I was very surprised!

Leah said...

wow abe, that must have been...ummm, a special time for everybody :)

Leah said...

The winner will be posted by 8:00 tonight!