Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dirt roads and local pictures.

Although the calendar says it should be spring, Western Oregon has decided otherwise. We had one really beautiful day two weekends ago, but otherwise it has remained cold, and hail storms are not unknown to be a normal part of every day.
I was recently hired to shoot some local pictures of Newberg, which has given me a good excuse to drive on dirt roads and spend hours taking pictures. This has been wonderful. I love both dirt roads and pictures. These are a few pictures that I took on my journeys. I find that nature photography gives me such a greater appreciation for the intricate world we live in, as I spend hours staring at the tiny shapes and colors on spring blooms and blades of grass. Watching landscapes searching for a pleasing composition I am met with the wonders of the world, so beautiful, and plentiful, they are everywhere. There are times in my life when I am aware of the wonder all around us, those are the times when I see God everywhere in everyday. When I forget to see, photography helps me remember.
(note: this blog is very good and taking beautiful colors out of pictures and putting them somewhere else.)

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Traci said...

So beautiful, Bryan. And, wow, those blades of grass with the drops on them.... incredible. Thanks for helping me to stop and see the beauty in things I normally pass by.