Saturday, September 13, 2008


Most of the time, photography seems to take a lot of thought and intention. But...
...every once in a while you get a surprise that you weren't counting on.
You take a picture of one thing, and get something entirely unexpected.
In this picture, Bryan thought he was simply photographing Michelle's dad as he watched his daughter get married. It wasn't until editing time that we realized:
1) there is a tear on his touching
2) in his sunglasses you can see the reflection of Michelle and Jake!!

I love surprises.

On another note ~
We had a record number of comments on our last post of Michelle...8 comments! Yay.
I had promised a $5 coffee card to anyone who posted, however I'm going to change it to $8, a dollar for each comment. You guys got lucky because I accidentally posted a response twice.

The next time we break the record, with 9 or more, I will get some more (or the same) people hooked up with some coffee. All the gift cards will come from Chapters, unless you specifically tell me otherwise or live in another area.Yay Stumptown.

Thanks so much to everyone who follows our adventures in photography. As we build up our little business, it makes all the difference in the world to have so much support, encouragement, and advise.

Jake and Michelle's pictures are up on the website under client viewing. I'm sure they wouldn't mind people taking a look at what an amazing day they had.

Bryan's off to Milwaukie to shoot a wedding, and I am heading to Tigard to shoot as a second photographer (my first time without Bryan, Yikes!)

Have a relaxing weekend.



caleb.h said...

Wow! This is such a phenomenal photo, it really captures what (I imagine) was happening at that moment. Yay for surprises!

Michelle said...

I think my dad will love this picture, I didn't even notice that you could see us in his glasses until my mom read your blog and told me about to, so then I looked, and sure enough, there we are :) This is a great picture, you guys did such an amazing job. We love them all! Thanks guys!

Bryan Rupp said...

Michelle, you're so welcome. We're so glad that you liked them and it was really our pleasure. You guys are a blast to photograph.