Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Introduction and Things to Come

Leah here, I'm Bryan's wife and the "studio manager" for Bryan Rupp Photography. Hows that for a title? :) You're going to be seeing a lot more of me around this blog, as we transition into the next phases of our business.

This is our second wedding season, and the first one that I have been heavily involved in. I'm going to be taking over more of the client communication stuff so that Bryan can focus on being an artist, and showing up for your photo shoot full of ideas and creativity.

I hope that you'll stop by this blog site often. We hope to make it a place to share our lives with you, and let you in on our journey. Our dream is to turn our love for capturing people's memories into a business that can grow up with our family.

Some of our dreams include:
~A studio space where we can welcome clients and display new ideas
(for now you will be meeting with us at the local coffee shop...yay Stumptown)
~Spending months or even years in Kitale, Kenya where I grew up (working with people in the slums and researching different ways that people can climb out of poverty).
~Providing amazing leather photo albums from (hopefully for the 2009 wedding season)

See you around,

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations you guys :). Leah, I haven't met you yet but I hope I will be able to. That's so awesome that you are getting to work together, and KISS albums are delicious. You are definitely on my referral list :).